Ballroom Rules & Regulations

Trinity Ballroom

Maximum attendance 264. A $500 non-refundable rental deposit required on signing. Remainder of the room rental fee is due thirty (30) days prior to your event date and is non-refundable after that time. Security deposit is $350 ($200 refundable, $150 goes for setup and cleaning). Rental includes up to (33) 60" round tables and 264 chairs.


Chira's Restaurant and RSVP Catering is the exclusive catering company serving the Reed Opera House. They offer excellent, competitively priced foods and beverages for every budget. No other professional caterer can be used without owner's prior express written consent.

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Self-catering by the renter and outside professionals is allowed for a service/kitchen/setup fee of $300.


You must obtain and provide documentation of a special event "rider"or "endorsement" for bodily injury and property damage in the amount of $500,000 listing the Reed Opera House as an additional insured. If alcoholic beverages are to be offered at the event and to be provided by any person or company other than an insured, licensed OLCC server, Client must also provide liquor liability insurance rider in the amount of $500,000 listing the Reed Opera House as an additional insured. These riders may be obtained (usually at little or no cost to you) as endorsements or riders to your homeowner's insurance policy.

Trinity Hours

We do not restrict the hour when you start (it can be anytime after 10 a.m. on the day of the event), but the event must be finished by 11:30 p.m., and tear down and removal of all items must occur by midnight. Additional hours can be negotiated.


All rental deliveries, vendor setup and tear down, decorating, etc., must be coordinated with the Reed Hospitality Staff.


Client may decorate the room with these exceptions: No nails anywhere. No aerosol type spray, paint or tape on windows. No open flame candles. All candles must be enclosed. Please do not use glitter, rice, birdseed or confetti in or around the Reed Opera House. No equipment, tables or chairs may be placed on the dance floor.


Client may be required to provide extra security at client's expense if such security is deemed necessary by Reed Opera House management.


Alcohol service must be limited to a 'four-hour window' i.e., if service starts at 7 p.m. it must be completed by 11 p.m., and service stopped with no exceptions.

All alcohol must be brought into the ballroom before the event starts, and must be consumed in the ballroom only by adults (21 years or older) who are not visibly intoxicated. Violators will be asked to surrender alcohol to our staff or leave the premises immediately. Server must have an OLCC license.

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